There’s a sale made in every encounter

There is a sale made in every encounter


You ever hear the story about 2 shoe salesman going to an island to sell shoes? The first salesman unpacks his gear and starts going house to house. One after another he is told time and time again by the islanders that they don’t wear shoes on the island. So he calls his boss and says, I need you to send a plane & get me out of here, the boss says well why? He quickly replies well nobody wears shoes on the island. Salesman number 2 calls his boss shortly after this & quickly says, boss I need you to send every pair of shoes we have on a boat ASAP, his boss says but why, nobody wears shoes on that island? And to that Salesman number 2 replied, Exactly!



You see when someone says no in most cases they are actually saying you haven’t sold me yet. And by nature people are skeptics and we are conditioned to say no. In most cases if you ask the right questions you will identify their true objection. But without that, make no mistake about it, you will not sell them.


Once you know their true objection you will have the road map to attacking that objection and overcoming it. Ever notice the hardest people to sell are the ones that won’t give you objections? That’s because they don’t want to give you anything to use against them and they’re a well seasoned veteran to the game.


Now I’m not telling you that you can make every sale because we all know that sometimes there are circumstances that we cannot help. If selling was that easy, everybody would be doing it. The key here is to remember shoe Salesman number 2, he obviously didn’t take no for an answer and found a way to make that objection a benefit to his scenario.


Being persistent pays off, people usually appreciate it. And the person that stays on top of something constantly bringing information and benefits to the table about what they want to sell usually get the sale. You will always fail 100% of the time you don’t persist. Now your persistence will not always pay off all the time, but remember as Michael Jordan used to say, you miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.




So as elementary as this may sound be persistent and don’t be sold that they don’t need your product, Sell them on why they do need it.



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