Selling With Passion

jack passion


One of my buyers once asked me a funny question. She asked, how is it you like sales so much? You really seem to be into what you do. I replied it’s not really selling if you believe in your product. I said if you don’t believe in your product you’re not really a salesman you’re more of a sugarcoated con man. But if you truly believe in what you’re selling, your passion will do the heavy lifting for you. Your love, excitement and most importantly belief in your product or service will be the best sales tool in your arsenal.

I make it a point to try to personally use every product we manufacture. Having an intimate knowledge of every product we make, its strengths and weaknesses, gives you a way to talk about products that selling off a sell sheet can’t provide, so product knowledge goes hand in hand with your passion.

For years in the advertising field, I sold radio commercials, on hold messages & on occasion TV spots to Car Dealers, Insurance Agencies, Pharmacies, Furniture stores, Chiropractors, Real Estate agents and a multitude of other industries. We pitched in big cities & small cities (places you didn’t even know were on the map) and one thing was consistent in all of them, and that was that local talent agencies put very little work into their ads. In a lot of cases in a lot of small towns you had a locals picking up extra dollars doing voice over work. This made what my company was selling a clear advantage and I could hear it with my own two ears.

Great passion quote

Now take a minute to imagine this selling scenario, you’re calling a local business owner and trying to get him on the phone during the middle of a busy day. You need to get him to listen to you about an idea you think will do great for his business over the next ten minutes (while he has customers in the store, employees asking him questions, fires to put out etc.) Now you need that prospect to focus on one thing, the product you are trying to sell him and to which you want an answer, yes or no, on that call, in ten minutes. I’ll tell you this there’s one thing you better have in that ten minutes. It’s not a book full of statistics, it’s not sounding like a slick used car salesman, it’s not having information from case studies and focus groups. It’s your passion for what you’re selling. Your passion will determine if that buyer will give you the next minute much less the next ten. If they hear it in your voice their interest will be peaked, and if a good business person they will hear you out. So BELIEVE, believe in your product, believe in yourself and let your passion shine. It’s the single biggest technique you have in your arsenal and if you’re down playing it or stifling it you’re doing yourself an enormous injustice.

Passion mountain top

Feed your passion. You need to constantly do your homework on your product or service. Look at what competitive companies are doing. Know firsthand where your product or service differentiates. Knowledge is the fuel line to your passion &this will be the engine that propels you to new heights. There is an old saying we’ve all heard, “Knowledge is Power” Well that is not entirely true. I believe ACTION is power and its highest manifestation is when it is directed by knowledge. So feed your passion and put it to work for you. Know what makes your product better inside and out, immerse yourself in your competitive products, buy them and find their strengths and weaknesses. If you put this knowledge into action, this will be the very delivery method for your passion, buyers will see it, and they will not only eat it up, they will ask for seconds.


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