Body Language – Reading Theirs and Yours


Body Language – Reading Theirs & Yours


This will be your Dusk Till Dawn Business fix for the next two weeks. I will be in Vegas with the Fiancé for some us time so you guys will have wait (I’m sure with eager anticipation) till August 17th for the next installment.



Many of you are not aware that I had been in Telemarketing industry for over 20 years. That’s how I cut my teeth in the world of sales. It’s an interesting way to get acclimated to sales & it taught me several lessons that I remember to this day. If you’ve ever seen Wolf of Wall Street or Boiler Room, well then this was basically the world I lived in for years (except I was always selling a very legitimate product). All the coaching from managers and motivational morning meetings were common place for me. When I was about 20 I was managing my own room with about 15 sales reps. Within 5 years I had my hands in three different rooms with upwards of 50 reps.

Selling on the phone is very unique because it forced me to work without visuals. I learned how to work with things like voice inflection, tone and timing. Think about your hardest appointment you’ve ever had, take a minute & really think about it, now imagine doing that appointment again with your eyes closed. Imagine having to do your hardest appointment ever without even looking at your prospect. Well that’s telemarketing, it’s not easy, not for the faint of heart & it’s definitely not for everybody.

Now years later I get to not only open my eyes but I get to look at my prospect, I get to look at things like crossed legs or arms. I see nervous fingers tapping away at the table or running through a head of hair. These things all tell you something if you know what to look for. You will see some charts here to help you remember them. But I’m going to focus on the simple indicators for you look for and focus on.


Firstly how is your prospect sitting? Crossed legs or arms may not seem like a sign to you, I mean maybe it’s a preferred seating style, but it could also be them sending you a very important sign, so pay attention if they are doing it. Even more so, do they stay that way? If they stop sitting in this position you’re heading in the right direction. Crossed legs or arms from a seated position usually mean low receptiveness or resistance. If they have a shaking leg a tapping hand or continually running their hands through their hair, this usually shows an uneasy inner state or a sign of nervousness. If they mirror your body language the conversation is usually going well for you.


The eyes tell you so much about a person and what they’re thinking. This chart below shows you a lot of things to remember. Now I’m going to be referring to your prospect from our view of right and left not theirs, so remember that. When a prospect looks up and to their left they are accessing the creative side of their brain and constructing an image or thought they want to articulate or in other words, you better put your boots on cause the BS is getting thick in here! If they look up and to the right they are usually accessing the memory side of their brain and that means they’re telling the truth. Now Eye contact in general is a very good sign because it shows interest, but it can both be positive & negative. How do you tell? Short intervals of eye contact usually mean they’re telling the truth, prolonged eye contact can mean at times that they are lying, or they just could be really into you!

Eye lie 2

Look for a lack of wrinkles around their smile. This could indicate a fake smile or one that is patronizing. And lastly if they laugh with you, although that is not a visual, that is a big sign of acceptance.

So remember the body language. Not only can you use it to help you learn valuable things you need to know but you can also concentrate on the body language you’re sending. There are a lot of books on this subject. One that I particularly liked was “Winning Body Language” By Mark Bowden. It was worth the read and I highly recommend it.


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