How to Break the Super Secretive Buyer

les grossman 2You’ve tried everything, you’ve begged for a lunch, dinner, coffee & asked every personal question under the sun, but you’ve come up with ZILCH, NADA, and BUPKIS in terms of getting to know your buyer. And we’ve all had that type. The kind of person that will listen to you for an entire meeting and you would walk out saying “what in the world just happened? I’ve got nothing” I used to have a buyer at a sporting goods retailer that was the epitome of this personality. I would just get a blank stare and an “I’ll get back to you on that” I would ask every personal question you could think of but he was masterful at dodging questions like a seasoned politician avoiding direct answer at all costs. All I knew about him was that he had an 80’s alternative band haircut and I couldn’t break him.007 number 2

Question is, what do you do in a case like this? Throw in the towel, give up and move on to the next one? No way that’s for quitters. There are more creative ways to find out about your buyer. There are 3 major ways I have found success in getting info about someone that’s proven to be a tough egg to crack.

  • Pay attention to your surroundings – If you’re lucky enough to get a meeting in their office (even if not just swing by and pop in for a friendly hello) you can learn a lot in 5 minutes without them saying a word. Just take a casual look at their book case or desk. You will find it littered with clues like pictures, awards, diplomas & trophies to mention just a few. Obviously if you see 6 Equestrian pictures and an award on the wall you know your buyer likes swimming (or is it horses? Lol)
  • Co Workers – Don’t be afraid to rub elbows with the co-workers. They might have worked with that buyer for a lifetime longer than you’ve been trying to sell them. It’s not a stretch to believe they would know more about them than you do.
  • The art of Social Media Stalking – Yes I said stalking, and it’s incredibly effective. Just look up that person on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or LinkedIn and you will be amazed what you can find out about them, even on profiles that are private accounts. Social media outlets change what they deem sensitive material almost daily and unless you are constantly checking your settings, what you thought was private yesterday is public knowledge today. Look at their pictures and albums but don’t stop there. Look at their about links and see where they went to school or when they started their employment. Look at their liked pages and groups they belong to. You can quickly find lots of relatable subjects you can talk to your buyer about.

If all this fails you always have the fallback plan of a new buyer moving in and your super secretive CIA agent doubling as a buyer moves on to bigger and better things (and yes we’ve all been in that boat hoping it happens for one reason or another). Until next time.


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