In Sales We Are Always On

working lateWe have a world of resources at our fingertips. Our mechanisms have changed significantly in business over the years. Gone are the days where your business card and handshake were your primary utilities in relationship building.

Facebook, Instagram & Twitter are only a few of the present day business and marketing tools. They represent a piece of the overall picture, but are by far, not the end all – be all of social media and what it can do for us in a modern business 4

After watching my wife to be build an empire on social media (She is literally “Insta-famous”) it inspired me to start a blog. Dusk Till Dawn Business is a reflective representation of our business lifestyle. Let’s face it; from our side of the transaction, We are not a 9 to 5 profession and burning the midnight oil is commonplace. Our phone and emails are never off (even when we say they are). Giving back to an industry that has provided endless amounts of opportunity for upward mobility is my inspiration for this blog.

Being in sales for 25 years, I have grown enormously, but still have considerably more to learn. I live by the words “When you’re green you grow, when you’re ripe you rot”. Learning a great deal from people on this email list has provided me with knowledge that I am eternally grateful for and will always be appreciated. If I can give one piece of motivational advice, tidbit or suggestion that makes this job easier I will feel as if I’ve achieved the goal of giving back.

Dusk Till Dawn Business will post one blog a week for the next 6 months (At least that’s the goal) and with a bit of luck you will gain something from it, even if it’s only a good laugh here or there. Comments and feedback are always welcome and you can bet I will be trying to cover as much as possible from week to week when it comes to the world of sales. If you like the blog by all means pass on the domain for other people to sign up and follow.


2 thoughts on “In Sales We Are Always On

  1. Hey Aaron! Good for you for taking steps to evolve and sharing your thoughts and learnings with others. Of course, where you find the time is a mystery to me. Barbara


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